Status Update

For those who know me from Gab, Torba has not only suspended my accounts, but he’s prevented me from any visibility on Gab via other instances in the Fediverse. That’s just really vindictive, and it proves the need for people to go back to having their own sites on their own hosting. You can sign up and post on my other site , also there will be a new site coming soon.

At the end of the day, Torba is a Christian conservative, and his idea of “free speech” exists entirely within that moral framework. The way he goes on about “they’re trying to stop us, but they can’t” makes me think he’s trying to create some kind of cult. He’s no different from the bible-thumpers of the past, who helped get us into this mess in the first place. We need an ethnic consciousness that rises above specific moral doctrines, especially if those doctrines come from the Middle East.

I would urge those of you who are “free speech absolutists” to cease posting on Gab and further explore the Fediverse, or post on . If you are a Trump supporter, you should remember that Trump did NOT invite Torba to the White House, because his people know that Gab is a shitshow.

Thankyou for your patience and understanding.